Saturday 4 MAY 2019
Woodville Studio Theatre

This Wounded Island

Anything Other Theatre Company presents ‘This Wounded Island’

Written by Kent playwright Natalie Mitchell.

A love story, and a love letter to Chatham. A brand new play about identity, place and belonging, inspired by stories from the Kent community.

One town, one couple, forty years.

Bob and Rose meet as excited teenagers in the 70s. From their first date, it’s clear that this is the start of something special. But unknown to them, the course of their relationship is intrinsically tied to the fortunes of the Chatham Dockyard, and when it’s suddenly closed, their lives are irrevocably changed. Recovering from their losses isn’t going to be easy.

This Wounded Island is touring to arts and community venues in Medway, North Kent & London in Spring 2019. To book tickets for the Spring 2019 tour visit: anythingother.com

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